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Markel Specialty has insurance protection that’s made for your business.

The one thing your business doesn’t need is another cookie-cutter insurance policy. What you do need is a variety of commercial coverage options and affordable insurance protection. We’ve made it our business to create policies to meet the insurance needs of different kinds of businesses.

With Markel Specialty, you can purchase workers compensation coverage to pay for costs associated with occupational illnesses and injuries. We offer a comprehensive suite of small business insurance solutions so you can tailor your insurance protection to meet the specific needs of your business.

Our portfolio of insurance solutions let you customize your insurance to fit your business.

Another important option for your business is our EssentialBOP™ coverage. By bundling together liability, property and other coverages vital to protecting your assets, EssentialBOP provides the necessary business coverage you need at a more affordable price.

  • Business liability coverage will help protect and defend you if a customer or other entity sues you for injury, accident, or product defect.
  • Commercial property insurance can help pay to repair or replace your business property if it is stolen or damaged in situations like theft, fire, vandalism, or windstorms.

Markel Specialty’s EssentialBOP also lets you choose from three levels of coverage so you can get the amount of protection that best fits your business and your budget.

Get insurance from the small business insurance experts.

By choosing Markel Specialty as your business insurance carrier, you will also benefit from:

  • Flexible payment options to meet every budget.
  • A loss prevention team that offers services specific to your industry to help reduce claims.
  • An experienced claims team to handle your claims promptly and efficiently.

Your business has special insurance needs. And we have a special business insurance plan just for you.

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