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Make sure you have enough boat insurance
Not everyone wants to think about it, but are you sure you would have enough coverage if you got into a boating accident? Learn the questions you should ask yourself to make sure you and your boat are protected.
The importance of taking a boat driving course
Relying on your boating experience isn't enough to stay safe. Play it safe and learn about the importance of taking a boat driving course.
Hurricane preparation for boats
There is a lot to think about when preparing your boat for hurricane season. These tips will help to ensure you have everything in order before a stressful situation arises.
What to do in the event of a boating accident
Unfortunately accidents happen. If you happen to get into an accident on the water would you know what to do? Here are some simple things to keep in mind if you get stuck out on the water.
Boat repair orders 101
How can repair orders effect your boating insurance? Markel Marine explores what you need to know about boat repairs and boating insurance. Learn more here.
Why safe boating is important
Boating safely is usually a black and white issue - what you do on the water is usually safe or not safe. But there are always people that test the waters of what can be done safely on the water. Here are some stories of people who have navigated in the "grey" area of boating safely.
How boat usage can affect your insurance rates
Did you know that where and when you use your boat can affect your insurance rates? Read what you should consider telling your insurance company to help keep your premiums low.
Tips when buying a new boat
Thinking about buying a new boat, but not sure where to start? Markel Marine Insurance offers some buying tips to keep in mind. Find out about boat loans, down payments, marine surveys & more!
Choosing the right marine surveyor
Thinking of purchasing a used yacht or boat? Read the following article to see why you should consider hiring a marine surveyor to inspect your new boat before you sign the dotted line.
Boat navigation 101
There are many tools to help you navigate your boat so that you can safely and efficiently reach your destination. There is so much to learn about properly navigating a boat and taking a course is recommended if you are traveling a far distance. Markel offers some basic tips in a quick introduction on the different boat navigation tools available to help you on your way.
Tips to keep pets safe on the water
Boating with your dog can be a positive and fun experience if the proper safety precautions are taken ahead of time and during your trip. Here are some tips on what to do before and while boating to help keep your dog as safe as possible.
Poker run safety
Before you sign up for a boat poker run it is important to make sure you are prepared. Markel Marine offers some tips to keep in mind to keep you safe on the water.
Basic tips for rigging a sailboat
Preparing for your first sail? Rigging your sails is an obvious first step and you want to make sure you do it right so that you have a safe first sailing experience. It is recommended you take a class or participate in a tutorial for rigging your sailboat. Until then, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when rigging your sailboat.
Sailboat masts and rigging
Sailboat mast and rigging maintenance and tuning tips from an accredited marine surveyor. Review these tips to insure years of pleasurable and safe sailing.
Suddenly in command
Imagine a beautiful sunny day on the water. You and your family and/or friends are spending quality time boating. And suddenly the owner of the boat has a heart attack. What do you do? For many this is a recipe for disaster, especially when the skipper is the only person on board who knows how to operate the boat, or how to call for assistance. Learn how you can protect yourself (and everyone on your boat) when an emergency arises.
Tips for docking a boat
There are many factors to take into account when docking your boat, such as the type of boat and how many engines it has, the weather, water conditions, how high the tide is, the type of dock, and the direction in which you are approaching the dock. Understanding the basics of docking your boat will give you a proper foundation and as you continue to practice you will refine your skills. Here are some helpful tips on what to keep in mind when docking your boat.
Tips how to winterize your boat
While the terms winter and boating typically don't go together, winterizing your boat is important to keep the fun sailing along next spring. These tips will help you make sure that your boat is ready to go when the weather is.
Tres Martin High Performance Boat School Training
High performance boats are more elaborate than ever. Read as Tres Martin explains why its important to attend high performance boat school training.
Tips for tying your boat to a dock
Tying your boat to the dock is important so that it is secure enough not to get damaged by knocking up against the dock due to conditions such as wind, waves and tide. Markel Marine explores some helpful tips on the lines to use and how to tie them.
Keeping valuables safe on the water
Boating is a fun and relaxing way to unwind. The last thing you want to worry about when on the water is losing any valuables you bring onboard. Here are some helpful tips on how you can keep your valuables as safe as possible when on the water.