Marine Tradesman

Protection for your marine business

There are risks to owning a business and owning a commercial marine business is no exception.  With over 30 years of experience, Markel understands the risks and liabilities exposed to your commercial marine business, and has developed comprehensive insurance coverage to help protect it.

Some example business risks that would fall under the Marine Tradesman program include:

  • Rental facilities
  • Charter (guides, bareboat, sightseeing, sportfishing)
  • Bed and breakfast boats
  • Boat clubs
  • Boat schools
  • Commercial fishing boats
  • Owner/operator (environmental, artisan, weed control, etc.)
The Markel Marine difference
  • Dedicated marine underwriters and claims specialists who provide quick, responsive service
  • Flexible coverages to fit your specific needs
  • Flexible payment options including automatic and online payments
  • Electronic policy delivery

With our Marine Tradesman program, we will insure everything from commercial fishing boats and wildlife photographers to bridge repairers or a boat rental facility that rents boats to the public.

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*Insurance, coverage, and discounts are subject to availability and qualifications and may not be available in all states. Coverage descriptions listed are intended to be brief and do not replace actual policy language. For questions or a complete definition of coverages and discounts available to you, please contact your Markel Marine authorized agent.