Why you need insurance for your martial arts studio

A martial arts school is a unique business. That’s why you need affordable martial arts insurance.

Running a martial arts school is not an easy business. That’s why it takes a special person like you to do it. Not only do you need to make a profit, but you have to keep the safety and well-being of your young students at the forefront of every minute.

Here’s how it works: Let's say a dojo has a Markel Specialty insurance policy with an annual premium of under a thousand dollars. A student is injured during class. The case goes to court, and the jury awards the child $100,000. If the owner wasn’t protected with the correct liability insurance, the owner would have to pay the $100,000 out-of-pocket. But because the owner is properly insured with Markel Specialty’s customized martial arts insurance, then the owner, and the business, are covered!

With a comprehensive Markel Specialty's martial arts insurance program, you’ll get more than just a policy. You’ll get peace of mind.

Markel Specialty also provides:

  • Installment payment plans to make your Markel Specialty insurance even more affordable.
  • Proactive safety resources to help minimize accidents.
  • Extensive experience handling very sensitive youth-related claims.

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