Arrive Alive & Do No Harm

Arrive Alive & Do No Harm

The importance of safety training
While a great deal of training takes place in the EMS industry, most personnel training does not center around "safety topics". This void represents the problem at hand. Poor training or a lack of mentality for safety can ultimately lead to problematic claim results and high premiums. This is the reason why Arrive Alive and Do No Harm is an essential element to any EMS organization's overall training curriculum. Arrive Alive and Do No Harm can be licensed for use by your service. This interactive online training tool is designed to address the common risks associated with both the emergency and non-emergency transportation industry.

The Arrive Alive & Do No Harm advantage

  • It's interactive! Nothing like reading boring text or watching canned video.
  • Use of graphics and real live video makes the learning experience interesting and engaging.
  • Suitable for new hires, existing workforce and for remedial training purposes.
  • Individual participation in the program is very easy to track.
  • Cost effective, only $300 for a 12-month license regardless of company size!
  • Possible CEU credits available for participation.
  • Content produced by EMS industry veterans.
  • Internet based.

Click here to watch the ambulance safety video.

Mike Szczygiel is Markel's Senior Loss Control Specialist for the medical transportation division, and is in charge of the implementation of multiple safety initiatives, including Vitals newsletter and Arrive Alive & Do No Harm. Mike welcomes your input regarding topic selection and other issues pertinent to your organization's safety needs. If you have any questions or comments about Markel’s safety resources for medical transportation, please contact Mike Szczygiel.

Mike Szczygiel
  Mike Szczygiel
Senior Loss Control Specialist