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BikelinE™ by Markel

Markel BikelinE™ insures motorcycle. Not cars, trucks, or SUVs. And because we’ve been doing it for over 40 years, we’ve found better ways to pack more coverage, more options, and more value into every policy.

Plus, with discounts of up to 35% off (including 10% just for switching) and policies starting at just $50 per year, there’s no need to pay as much or more for coverage that’s not nearly as good.

Add up the BikelinE™ advantages

Diminishing deductible
Your deductible automatically drops by 25% for every consecutive accident-free year. That means you’ll soon enjoy $0 deductible coverage at no additional cost.

Replacement cost coverage
Forget about depreciation. With this option, we’ll pay the cost of a new motorcycle that’s the same as or close to the bike you insured with no deduction for depreciation.

Accessory coverage
Includes practically everything that makes your bike special—from customized pipes, seats, and communication gear to helmets, saddle bags, and even jackets.

Mechanical breakdown coverage
BikelinE™ coverage gives you more than just insurance. For example, we’ll help pay the cost of many of your bike’s mechanical components when you suffer a breakdown.

Roadside assistance
Taking a road trip or heading to a rally? Ride easier with Markel BikelinE™ because we can help with everything from Roadside Assistance to Trip Interruption and more.

Pay only for the coverage your need
All Markel BikelinE™ policies give you a full 12 months of coverage—but with annual premiums based only on the typical riding year in your area.

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