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California coastline motorcycle rides

California coastline motorcycle rides

When planning your next motorcycle ride, consider exploring the California coastline. Here are three beautiful trips that will take you though exhilarating curves and over picturesque hilltops.

If you are a motorcycle owner and looking for your next weekend warrior experience, or perhaps an even longer excursion, the Pacific Coast has a number of beautiful trips to offer. Combine the ever-dazzling Pacific Coast Highway with curvy mountain roads and you’ve got a winning combination.

Pacific Coast Highway
From a waterfall leaping off of cliffs onto a secluded beach at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park and wind surfers galore at Waddell Beach to slumbering coastal hamlets and the quintessential beach city, Santa Cruz, the Pacific Coast Highway on the central California coast offers breathtaking views, laid back vibes, and fantastic weather. Local spots like Highway 1 Brewing Company and Whale City Bakery make for fantastic stopovers on your ride.

Highway 84
Take a turn off of California State Route 1 and head up the picturesque San Gregorio valley. If you need a light snack, the San Gregorio Store offers treats alongside live music. California State Route 84 East winds its way through the sunny bottomland fields, up the low slopes of the front range, and crests the hill underneath the shade of majestic redwoods and fir trees. The junction of Route 35/Skyline Blvd and 84 provide the perfect refueling spot for both bike and biker. Stop off for lunch or dinner at the famed Alice’s Restaurant, a favorite destination for motorcyclists, both local and those from further afield. After a sumptuous meal, saddle up once more and head down the other side of the mountain, where you’ll catch amazing views of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Golden Gate Bridge
There’s nothing like riding 745 feet above a three-mile wide body of water on an iconic hunk of steel. Once you’re across, pass by the overcrowded Vista Point and take the second exit (exit 442). Make the very first left onto Alexander Ave., which takes you underneath the US 101. Just before heading back onto the Golden Gate Bridge, make a right onto Conzelman Rd. Follow this windy, windswept road through a small roundabout (do not turn right/downhill onto McCullough Rd.), and continue uphill about half a mile to parking. From there, 50 steps will have you atop a historic World War II battery that offers sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean, Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, and the entire North Bay.

Once you’ve begun planning your motorcycle trips, be sure to invest in adequate insurance in case of an accident or otherwise. With the proper coverage and protection, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the curvy roads and beautiful scenery along the California coastline.

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