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Dwelling fire coverage is now available in California, Missouri and Texas!

Markel Specialty is excited to announce that Markel Personal Lines dwelling fire protection is now available in California, Missouri and Texas! To get started, simply click here to begin the enrollment process.

Sounds great, but what is dwelling fire insurance?
Dwelling Fire insurance is typically used to accommodate personal lines property risks that do not fit within the homeowners market. A dwelling fire insurance policy includes more than just coverage against fire and smoke-related damage.  It also protects property owners against hazards like vandalism, explosions, weather related occurrences such as wind and lightning and other perils in the policy.

Markel dwelling fire program highlights

  • Available occupancies include:
    • Landlord : for those who rent their homes to tenants
    • Seasonal: for residences used as vacation homes
    • Vacant: for unoccupied homes including those for sale
  • Two separate policy forms for your customers
    • DP-1 – Basic Form, Actual Cash Value
    • DP-3 – Special Form, Replacement Cost
  • The Markel Personal Lines Dwelling Fire program provides specialized, comprehensive coverage designed to accommodate a wide variety of risk profiles that is traditionally not served by the traditional marketplace. Our market appetite includes:
    • Older homes
    • Risks with prior claims
    • Monoline risks
    • Townhouses and modular construction
    • Properties titled to corporations or trusts rather than individuals
    • Properties titled to multiple individuals
    • No restrictions on the number of insured locations
  • Web-based policy administration system with built-in underwriting rules and authority, enabling much of the business to be bound without referral
  • Various payment plan options ranging from monthly to full pay
Additional Markel Personal Lines products will be available to you
Not only will your agency receive access to Markel Personal Lines dwelling fire program, but you will also have access to the following personal lines products:
  • Powersports – motorcycles and ATVs/UTVs
  • Boat - 26’ and under
  • Bicycles
  • Special events – weddings, retirement parties and more!

Commission schedule

  • 15% for new business
  • 12.5% for renewal business (all products except special events as there are no renewals with a special event policy)
Get Started with Markel Personal Lines

Markel Rewards
Plus, you can earn Markel Rewards for all Markel Personal Lines programs submitted and bound!

Email Markel Personal Lines at maicpropunderwriting@markelcorp.com or give us a call at 1-855-461-7791.