Why you need insurance for your museum

A museum is a special kind of organization that needs special types of insurance.

Like any other business or organization (including other 501(c)3’s), you probably carry standard Property and Liability insurance. But you are definitely not a standard business.

In what other business does “priceless” actually have to be quantified? Or where “pairs and sets” have a higher intrinsic value than combined value of the individual pieces? Or welcomes busloads of school children to visit for the morning? And what other organization routinely ships off pieces of its valuable inventory to be displayed somewhere clear across the country?

All of the many, many parts of a museum’s intricate inner workings should be covered by comprehensive, flexible, and affordable insurance. But there are not many insurance companies that truly understand all of the nuances. The museum insurance experts at Markel Specialty do understand. Let us help you fully protect your museum.

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