Why you need personal trainer insurance

Just one negligence lawsuit can financially ruin you.

People do get hurt under your instruction. You don’t want them to. You try to help them to minimize the risks. But it does happen.

You may think dealing with injuries is just part of doing business. But if your client thinks YOU did something wrong or YOU should have known better or YOU could have stopped it, then YOU may be in trouble.

As an independent contractor working at someone’s facility, you are on your own to deal with the complaint. Even if the case is dropped, or you are found not liable, you are still out a lot of money and time.

Personal trainer liability insurance from Markel Specialty is the way to protect yourself. It’s very affordable and flexible–you can choose the coverage you need with annual premiums starting as low as $136!

If you are sued for negligence, this is what we will do for you:

  • Pay the costs of defending you, even if the allegations are false, frivolous, or groundless.
  • Pay the costs to settle a claim, or costs that result if you lose the case, up to the level of protection you've chosen
  • Handle your claims promptly and efficiently, with courtesy and tact.

Note: All trainers and instructors must be currently certified by a U.S. national certification organization.

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