Small retailers, shops, and service businesses need big insurance coverage.

When you own a small, customer-oriented business or shop, you have all sorts of things on your mind–employees, bills, cash flow, inventories, and much more.

Having your business fully insured for property and liability claims may not be top of mind for you. After all, you get an insurance bill once a year and, if you have no claims, you can forget all about it for another 12 months. But for a hands-on retail shop or service owner like yourself, Markel Specialty’s insurance coverage offers you the kind of protection you need.

Our workers compensation policy protects your business from the costs of an on the job accident including lost wages and benefits, medical care, and legal representation. Our businessowners policy, EssentialBOP, is tailored for your customer service-based business–covering commercial general liability, commercial property, and other areas essential to protecting your assets. Plus, if you combine our workers compensation and businessowners policies you will earn a 10% multi-policy discount.*

To give you an idea of who can benefit from Markel Specialty’s insurance coverage, these are just a few of the shops, retailers, and service businesses that we do business with:

  • Shoe repair
  • Jewelry repair
  • Tailors
  • Photographers
  • Engravers
  • Copy stores
  • Mailbox and packaging stores

*Multi-policy discount not applicable to Equipment Breakdown Protection and Employee Practices Liability Insurance endorsements.

Customizable coverage for your business—Markel Specialty insurance for shops and service businesses.

Something as unforeseen as the weather can make you glad you got Markel Specialty insurance for shops, retailers, and service businesses. On top of our workers compensation policy, our businessowners policy bundles commercial general liability with commercial property insurance at a reduced rate. It’s the insurance solution you need to keep your business healthy.

Markel Specialty insurance is the contingency plan for your business.

Combine a Markel Specialty workers compensation policy with our businessowners policy and Employment Practices Liability coverage and you have coverage to protect your business. Plus we offer flexible payment plans to fit your cash flow.

Background checks, training materials, and education available at negotiated rates.

PayGo Payroll reporting is the billing plan of choice for workers compensation policyholders.
Through our exclusive relationship with NFIB, we are able to offer special services to Markel Specialty policyholders.
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  • Polite, professional, knowledgeable and friendly

    "Markel employees are polite, professional, knowledgeable and friendly. If you treat me this way - I know you treat my insured's this way. Your team makes every effort to resolve every issue."

    Cheryl C. | Markel Specialty customer | May, 2017

  • Excellent customer service

    "Markel's customer service is extremely good and the website is very user friendly."

    Chad L. | Markel Specialty customer | May, 2017

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