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Risk management resources

Loss control and risk management
By working with Markel Programs, you are working with a company that understands your niche insurance products and programs. We recognize and understand the broad scope of exposures being faced and have the experience to tailor solutions unique to the needs identified.

Markel's Senior Loss Control Specialists are recognized as specialty experts. With years of industry experience in helping clients control their risk management exposures, they are uniquely qualified to help your clients better understand those exposures posing a risk to their business. By offering loss control and risk management solutions, they can help lower those risks – risks that can often can have a detrimental bottom line impact on their business. Markel’s specialists understand how to help your clients manage their risk exposures which can, in turn, help them achieve better performance results.

Our loss control specialists can help you and your clients with:
  • Identifying and appraising current conditions and practices within an organization.
  • Examining the feasibility of various loss control and risk management techniques.
  • Communicating loss control and risk management information to stakeholders.
  • Measuring and evaluating the effectiveness of the risk management systems.
  • Educating and assisting with implementation and self auditing to ensure compliance at all levels.
Markel Programs offers these exceptional risk management and loss control tools:
  • Industry trend analysis to pinpoint exposures commonly being experienced by peers
  • On-site loss control and risk management site visits
  • Background checks for new hires and staff from IntelliCorp at a deeply discounted rate
  • Online safe driving courses (Defensive Driving) at a discounted rate
  • On-site National Safety Council’s nationally recognized Defensive Driving 4-hour Course
  • Risk management communications and safety tips through email alerts
  • Access to Markel’s Risk Management Library with articles to help prevent losses and maintain a safer environment
  • Access to Markel’s library of Safety Guides on topics important to your client’s business
  • Practical loss control solutions and guidelines
  • Workshop development and training
  • Ask a safety question – get answers to your safety concerns
  • Listing of recommended safety DVD resources

Effective loss control distinguishes your product by helping to safeguard your insureds business and keep their operating expenses in check – let Markel help you.

Markel Loss Control Specialists
Michael Harding
Sr. Loss Control Specialist

Michael Swain
Sr. Loss Control Specialist