Markel Programs

Submission checklist

Executive summary
  • One or two sentences to describe the opportunity
  • Current premium volume and next three years’ premium projection
  • Current loss ratio
  • Admitted/nonadmitted and other regulatory considerations
  • Marketing/distribution plan
  • Target risk states
  • Underwriting experience of the program administrator

Profile of program administrator

  • Underwriting experience; staff resumes
  • IT capabilities
  • General structure and commentary
  • History
  • Any other pertinent information

Premium history and projections

  • 5+ year history
  • Projections with rationale for growth


  • Wholesale/retail/direct
  • Commission required

Description of the class segment association

  • Description of the class segment
  • Class codes
  • Association description (if applicable)

Loss experience

  • Calendar and accident year incurred values (paid loss, reserved loss, paid expense, reserved expense) for prior 5+ years
  • Accident year incurred triangles (total incurred, paid loss, reserved loss, paid expense, reserved expense, total claim count, open claim count, closed claim count) for prior 5+ years
  • Large loss (defined as $100,000+) reports for prior 5+ years

Legislation and court cases

  • Legislation that may impact writing the program
  • Court cases that may impact coverage interpretations etc.

Underwriting guidelines/policy forms

  • Copy of current or proposed underwriting guidelines
  • Copies of all intended forms and endorsements
  • Copy of current or proposed forms usage guide

Rate filing/rate data

  • Original rate filing
  • Subsequent changes and implementation dates are helpful
  • Effective rate change data by year

Claims handling

  • Commentary on proposed claims function (i.e. carrier or TPA)

Carrier history

  • Prior carrier history since inception
  • Include carrier names and dates involved
  • Copies of last 3 carrier underwriting audits


  • Market share of other program markets as well as brokered markets
  • General commentary on competition