To our customers impacted by recent storms:

We hope you and your family are safe. If you have been affected by one of the recent hurricanes and need to make an insurance claim, please call 1-800-362-7535 or click here to file your claim online.


Ray Arouesty
President, Arrow Insurance Service, Inc.
“For 27 years, Arrow Insurance Service has written a general liability program for swimming pool and spa service technicians. In 2004, we partnered with Markel Insurance Company, and the relationship has been mutually beneficial to us both.

Markel has a simple approach to program business. Conduct thorough, initial due diligence on the program and its general agency, then let the pros at the agency run the program successfully as it has done in the past. That approach has proven to be a winning strategy. We’ve expanded our program from five to eight states since we partnered with Markel, who continues to support our marketing and product line expansion.

The team at Markel is extremely responsive, but I also know I can chat with the ‘guy at the top’ if the need arises. I haven’t had such a need to date. And despite the advances in technology that makes personal/professional relationships less common today, Markel continues to possess a down-home attitude that contributes to the great relationship we enjoy.”

David R. Finkelstein, CPCU, CIC

Vice President – Distribution & Programs, Russell Bond & Co.
"Since 2003, our team has worked with Markel on a tow truck program. During this time, they’ve been a valued and reliable partner who is willing to work with us to find solutions for a tough class of business. The Markel team of professionals continuously presents us with ideas to help improve the program. Our collaborative efforts in everything from underwriting program design, pricing, loss prevention, claim management and marketing helped us develop the program into one of the industry leaders in this specialized market segment. Markel has assisted us by introducing our program to select agencies across the country, which enabled us to expand the program from a limited number of states to national in scope. Our partnership with Markel has been highly successful.” 

John V. Wagner
CEO ProSurance Group, Inc.
Dorothy J. Kent
Sr. Vice President, ProSurance Group, Inc.
“ProSurance Group entered into a partnership with Markel Programs in 2010 with a national fidelity program. The thoroughness and technical expertise that Markel brought to the process of establishing a new program was remarkable. They provided in-depth support on the back-end processing and marketing, and they continue to do so today.

The management team that Markel has provided is staffed by consummate professionals. They provide excellent support and responsiveness to our needs and the needs of our brokers.”

Charlie Caldwell
President and CEO at Midlands Management Corporation

"In late 2011, we began to look for a new carrier for our Texas Nonsubscriber product when the prior insurer chose to exit the business as non-core. We had a long term relationship with Markel and immediately thought of them as the most likely replacement.They expedited a meticulous review and analysis of our business and ultimately agreed to begin underwriting the business. The process was a genuine collaboration that took only four months from start to finish. We are now working hand in hand to strengthen the program so that we can continue to enjoy both growth and profitability."

Jason Angus
Chief Marketing Officer at The Hilb Group, LLC

"In 2008, we identified a very unique product opportunity where only a single market existed. Also located in Richmond, we knew of Markel and their executives so decided we would give them an opportunity to consider this innovative start-up product. While they generally are not interested in start-ups, they maintained an open mind and were ultimately compelled by the opportunity. As an admitted product, they commenced with the product development effort and we were filed and approved in several key states within a few months. Today, we have a growing and profitable business with tremendous potential."

Lori Windolf Crispo, CPCU
Managing Director at Bollinger Insurance

“In 1995, we approached Markel with an opportunity to expand our Sports Insurance program, which our carrier partner at the time was unwilling to write. After an efficient due diligence, Markel agreed to enter the class and work with us on this multi-line program. Over the next few years, Bollinger and Markel developed a meaningful book of business in this niche. Shortly thereafter, our original carrier partner suffered a rating downgrade and naturally, we turned to Markel and asked them to take on our entire Sports program. They wasted no time in agreeing to take over this large, profitable niche and we’ve been together ever since. At one point in time, we had experienced growth and profitability each year for over a decade. Almost 20 years later, our strong partnership continues to promote the collaboration necessary to improve and expand the program each year – a win-win for us, Markel and our clients.”

Phil Munson
Chairman at Health Special Risk, Inc.

"In 2001, our long term insurer of special risk business decided to exit the line and focus on their core programs. I had known Markel for many years and members of their management for decades. We approached them with a very profitable book of business for which we had enjoyed a high level of authority and a rich profit sharing agreement. While beyond the level that they routinely offered, they looked at our business on merit and decided they could offer the same terms. That started a long and mutually beneficial relationship that continues today. On occasion, we've brought them additional deals that other carriers would not accommodate and we've worked together to add them to the portfolio."