Top snowmobile trails in the U.S.

Discover the top 5 and most popular snowmobile trails to ride this winter!

Snowmobile safety tips

Get ready for your next snowmobiling excursion with these important snowmobile safety tips. Then, have fun and enjoy the ride!

Challenge courses and climbing walls

The risk management practices for challenge courses and climbing walls continue to evolve. Construction, operation, and inspection standards have been established and continue to reflect improvements in equipment and safety practices.

Guide to managing your aquatic risks

Understand the major areas that aquatic managers must address including, principal causes of drowning, staff certification and training, rescue equipment and emergency procedures, and more.

Accident prevention guide: Dental offices

Dental offices are currently identified as low-hazard industries and as such are exempt from routinely keeping OSHA injury and illness records.

Guide to internet safety for youth-serving organizations

Children face danger on the internet from many fronts. They can view pornographic, violent, and inappropriate web sites with a click of the mouse. But, by far the greatest danger exists in email and chat rooms.

Coverages that protect your ATV

There are three primary types of coverage that protect your ATV in the event of an accident. Markel breaks each of these down into a little more detail.

Stress for first responders during the pandemic

The fact that EMS is a stressful field has been documented for years. A 2016 survey of EMS professionals revealed that 37% contemplated suicide. The national average is 3.7%. An astounding 6.6% of the respondents actually attempted suicide.

EMS and monoclonal antibodies

Monoclonal antibodies are manmade antibodies. Human genes that produce antibodies are placed in mice or other mammals.

Coronavirus update

The CDC is significantly concerned about the spread of the virus. It issued “Interim Guidance for EMS Systems and 911 Public Safety Answering Points for 2019-nCoV in the United States”.