A look at claims

A look at the Gymnastics program claims shows the types of claims that occur most frequently: gymnastic injuries, falls, water damage, and slip & fall/ trip & fall accidents. Luckily, there are steps you can take to help reduce these types of accidents:

  • Closely supervise all gym activity. Maintain adequate supervision ratios, especially during birthday parties and open gym, and pay extra attention to inexperienced children. Visually supervise gym activities at all times, and make sure supervisors are mature and have experience with the skills being performed. Avoid using parents as supervisors—they may not have the experience needed to properly supervise gymnasts. Also make sure adults visiting your gym for birthday parties and other events do not perform gymnastics exercises using your equipment.
  • Inspect your gym, walkways, bathrooms, and observation rooms frequently for debris, water, or anything else that may cause someone to slip or trip and fall. Inspect parking lots and lawns for holes and fill them immediately. Tack down loose carpeting and place nonskid absorbent mats underneath water fountains and at entrances during wet weather. Highlight concrete wheelchair access ramps with nonskid paint. If you rent, alert your landlord to any safety issues you find. Pay particular attention to lease requirements and understand who is responsible for maintaining common areas and parking lots.
  • Keep parents, siblings, and grandparents out of the gym area—encourage them to use the observation area for photos or offer to take the picture yourself.
  • Identify a qualified water extraction company that can respond quickly in case of flooding, and keep their phone number with your emergency contact numbers. Cover computer equipment, printers, and telephone switchboards with plastic dust covers when the gym is closed. Store backup records offsite at a safe location. 
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