Backing up safely

Backing up a vehicle requires extra care to avoid accidents. AAA provides the following rules to use when backing up your car, truck, or van.

  • Check behind your vehicle before you get in. Children or small objects are hard to see from the driver’s seat.
  • Look through the rear window while backing in a straight line or to the right. Place your right arm on the back of the seat and turn around. Keep your head turned to the right and look to the back until you stop.
  • Look over your left shoulder while backing to the left. Keep your head and shoulders turned in the direction the car is moving.
  • When you are turning while backing, check the vehicle’s front fender opposite your turn to make sure you have clearance.
  • Do not depend on one mirror or window for a complete view.
  • Back slowly. Your vehicle is much harder to control and stop while you are backing.
  • Avoid backing into traffic.
  • To keep backing to a minimum, try to find parking spaces you can drive through.
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