Staying cool in the pool

Staying cool in the pool

Aquatics supervision is often deferred to a third party, such as a lifeguard or recreational facility. Because you are ultimately accountable for a club member’s safety, utilize a screening process for that third party as well.

Managing Risk in Sport and Recreation: The Essential Guide for Loss Prevention outlines that emergency plans should be established and practiced as part of any swimming pool risk management plan. Consider the following questions:

- Has an emergency plan been developed for all possible emergencies?

- Are there designated persons who are charged with enacting the emergency plan?

- Has a chain of command been established?

- Is there a poolside telephone available?

- Are phone numbers of emergency agencies, key personnel, patrons’ emergency contact numbers, and others included as part of the emergency plan?

- When the emergency plan is activated, 

  • What is your system for quickly identifying members with little or no swimming ability?
  • Is the water evacuated of all people?
  • Are people evacuated to a safe location?

- Are there other considerations for an emergency plan, such as supporting ratios of supervision?

Staying cool in the pool
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