Health camp study impact report released

Markel has been the sponsor of the American Camp Association (ACA) Healthy Camp Study for the past five years (2006-2010). While yearly reports and recommendations for injury and illness prevention strategies have been released throughout the study, the final impact report was released at the ACA National Conference in February.

The Healthy Camp Study Impact Report is now available on the ACA web site at The information contained in this report can serve as a resource for reducing injuries and illnesses in camps and other youth settings.

In addition to the report, Markel clients have unlimited free access to four online safety training modules developed from the Healthy Camp Study. ACA used this research to develop a series of injury and illness prevention courses to educate camp directors and staff on illness and injury prevention. The courses include:

  • OUCH: Protective Equipment, What All Staff Should Know
  • No Outbreaks Here: Simple Strategies for Reducing the Spread of Communicable Diseases at Camp
  • Footloose: Minimizing Slips and Falls at Camp
  • Knife Safety: Reducing Sharp Object Injuries at Camp

To access these free courses, click here.

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