Create a door safety zone

One of the most effective ways to supervise children is by direct line of sight. This can be difficult when supervising four or more children running in every direction. Establishing a door safety zone will help support your use of peripheral vision during active supervision times.

In addition to being a finger-pinch hazard, a heavy door can create a number of hazards for a child who may be in the path of a door when it opens. A door safety zone can help you respond quickly and prevent injuries by moving children away from the door when they enter the safety zone.

You can quickly design a door safety zone. Start with the door closed, and as you open it, trace the door-swing area until the door is completely open. Then measure outward at least another 3 inches. Highlight the door-swing area with yellow hazard paint or some other highly visible paint. (Make sure the paint is appropriate for your environment and skid resistant.) You can also install different colored tile or carpeting to mark the door-swing area. Once a child enters this area, you can quickly recognize the potential hazard and remove the child safely.

As time goes by, you can teach children to stay out of this area altogether, greatly reducing the chance of a door-related injury.

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