Crib inspections can help prevent injuries

Baby Crib

By inspecting your cribs daily, you can proactively reduce the likelihood of a child suffering a crib-related injury.

The Safe Nursery Guide offers the following tips for maintaining a safe crib:

  • Make sure slats are spaced no more than 2-3/8 inches (60 mm) apart.
  • Replace any slats that are missing, loose, or cracked.
  • Make sure the mattress fits snugly. There should be no more than two fingers width between the edge of the mattress and the side of the crib.
  • Ensure the mattress support is securely attached to the headboard and footboard.
  • Corner posts should be no higher than 1/16 of an inch (1-1/2 mm).
  • Make sure there are no cutouts in the top edge of the headboard and footboard.
  • Ensure that a baby cannot easily release the drop-side latches, and that the latches hold the side in a raised position. (Locking devices for drop-side rails require two distinct actions or a minimum of 10 pounds of force for release.)
  • Tighten all screws, bolts and other hardware as needed, and replace any missing hardware.

If you use crib toys, make sure there are no strings or cords dangling in the crib. When children reach the age of five months, or when they can push up on their hands and knees, remove crib gyms and mobiles to reduce strangulation and choking hazards. 

Practice “Back to Sleep” for SIDS prevention. Always place infants on their backs for sleep, unless a note from the child’s doctor specifies otherwise. Seek written permission from both parents if they want to stray from this sleeping rule.

Baby Crib

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