Drive safely on snowy/icy roads

Snow-covered roads may create conditions that can cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles, which can cause accidents. Advanced Auto Parts provides the following tips for operating a vehicle during snowy weather:
  • Make sure your seat is adjusted properly. You should be able to easily reach and use all controls.
  • When driving, hands should be in the 9:00 and 3:00 positions. Use small, slow steering movements on snow and ice.
  • Over-steering occurs when the vehicle turns too much. Overcome it by steering into the direction of the skid, and gently accelerating.
  • Under-steering occurs when the car turns too little, and is common in front-wheel drive vehicles. Overcome this by slowing down before cornering.
  • Traction is affected by acceleration and deceleration. When you slow down the rear has less traction. Speeding up reduces traction up front.
  • When braking, don’t panic. Panic braking may cause the wheels to lock, causing a skid. Gentle on-and-off use of brakes allows the tires to grip.
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