Electrical extension cord safety

Extension cord

It is critical to personal safety to use and maintain extension cords properly. There are some basic safety rules to follow when working with electrical extension cords:

  • Understand the hazards
  • Use the correct cord for the job by means of length, gauge, and wattage
  • Select cords resistant to moisture, heat, and chemicals
  • Inspect cord and plug
  • Do not use damaged cords or try to repair them
  • Uncoil the cord to prevent overheating
  • Always use a GFCI for damp or wet areas
  • Ensure equipment is turned off before plugging in
  • Always store indoors
  • Do not use extension cords as permanent wiring
  • Do not run across walkways or under rugs where cords can be damaged, cause a trip hazard or overheat
  • Do not attach cords to walls with nails or staples
  • Never plug into another cord for length, this could start a fire

By: Courtney Rosengartner
Sr. Loss Control Specialist


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Extension cord
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