Driving safety statistics

Learning proper defensive driving tactics can help prevent accidents and death on the road. The statistics for driving accidents are staggering and sobering.

In terms of defensive driving statistics, did you know?

  • Someone is injured every 18 seconds
  • Over 2 million injuries annually are disabling
  • A person dies in a crash every 11 minutes
  • Motor vehicle accidents are the most common cause of death
  • 1 in 4 fatal work injuries involves a vehicle accident

When you think of work-related safety hazards, you probably think about what goes on inside the workplace. But one of the greatest threats to your safety is not in the workplace, but rather on the road.

Someone is injured every 18 seconds in the US on roadways. Over 2 million of those injuries turn out to be disabling. A person dies in a crash on U.S. roads every 11 minutes. In fact, motor vehicle accidents are the most common cause of death in the United States—more than cancer or heart attacks.

And, one in four work fatalities involves a motor vehicle accident. These statistics are cause for concern. They also provide the explanation for this safety training session. We don’t want you to become a statistic.

Have you or anyone you know ever been involved in a motor vehicle accident? Most people have had at least a fender bender. Think about the consequences of a serious accident. It could change your life—and not for the better.

Supervisors should remind employees about safe driving techniques and be able to answer any question employees may have concerning this important safety issue. One moment of thought can help prevent serious, even deadly, crashes on the roads.

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