Keep cool in traffic

Traffic jam

Keeping your cool is important for your overall defensive driving program. It is not difficult to get upset with other drivers while you in traffic, but it is important that you remain calm. Keeping your cool in traffic is an act well worth any sacrifice you feel you are having to make.

Here are some defensive driving tips for keeping calm in traffic.

  • Keep your emotions in check
  • Take steps to stay relaxed no matter what
  • Allow enough time to get there
  • Don't provoke other drivers
  • Report aggressive drivers to the police

Aggressive driving and road rage have become a national epidemic. Defensive drivers don't engage in it or encourage it. No matter how bad the traffic is or how frustrated you get, try to keep your emotions in check. Strong emotions have no place on the road. They can make you take risks and make foolish decisions that can get you killed. Take steps to stay relaxed, such as taking deep breaths when irritated, listening to soothing music, and remembering not to take the actions of other drivers personally. Always allow enough time to reach your destination safely and check traffic reports and try to avoid congested areas. Don't provoke, challenge, or even respond to aggressive drivers, move out of their way, avoid eye contact, and don't respond to rude gestures or abusive language. If an aggressive driver persists in challenging you, report the incident to the police, providing vehicle description, plate number, location, and direction of travel.

Have you ever encountered an aggressive driver on the road or acted aggressively yourself? Remember the tips above and put them to work for you. Ask others to talk about their experiences with aggressive driving and learn from them if possible.

Traffic jam
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