How to Educate Your Clients on the Difference Between a Venue Coordinator and a Wedding Planner

While both titles sound similar, you know how vastly different each role is. It’s important to provide a clear explanation of what a venue coordinator typically handles, and how that differs from what a wedding planner manages. By educating potential clients on the role of a wedding planner, you can help them understand that you are their dedicated contact to handle all aspects of the wedding planning process, and can help execute the perfect event.  

Roles of a venue coordinator

Anything that the venue has promised to provide within the contract is managed by the venue coordinator, as they are typically there to represent the venue facilities only. For example, it’s their responsibility to ensure that the venue is clean, safe and in good condition. They will also oversee vendor compliance and ensure that they comply with venue rules and regulations such as noise restrictions or use of open flames. While no two venues are the same, it’s best to never assume that the venue coordinator may take on some of the roles of a wedding planner on the day of the event

Why wedding planners and venue coordinators are sometimes confused

Venue coordinators are not standard at every venue and when they are, they’re typically marketed as a value add if a couple were to select that specific venue. While some responsibilities between coordinators and planners may overlap in some areas such as managing vendor relationships, they provide completely different support roles. 

When couples are under the impression that they don’t need a planner and can rely solely on the venue coordinator, it’s important to remind them that a planner takes a comprehensive approach to planning and coordinating all aspects of a wedding. From the vendor selection to event design to budget management, you’re there to help with it all. 

How the wedding planner and venue coordinator work together

If you find yourself planning a wedding at a venue that has an onsite venue coordinator, be sure to have a clear conversation regarding your contracted responsibilities to your client. More than likely, they will be very receptive as they also want to host a worry-free event. 

It may be helpful to collaborate is to do a venue walkthrough to discuss décor and design. This will be a great time for the coordinator to advise any restrictions or guidelines related to the venue’s facilities. This can also be a good opportunity to discuss event insurance, and what all is required by that venue. Even if the selected venue doesn’t require insurance, it’s still a good opportunity to discuss options with your clients to alleviate worry about unforeseen problems.

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