Is your sandbox up to standard?

Sand Keeping a sandbox free of hazards and contaminants is a very important part of any playground safety program.

"Caring for Our Children" recommends the following:

  • Construct sandboxes to permit drainage.
  • Cover sandboxes with a lid or other covering when they are not in use.
  • Keep sandboxes free from cat and other animal excrement.
  • Locate sand play areas away from landing areas for slides and other equipment.
  • Make sure sandbox covers are adequately secured when they are lifted or moved to allow children to play in the sandbox.
  • Use sand that is washed; free of organic, toxic, or harmful materials; and fine enough to be shaped easily.
  • Rake sand daily to uncover and remove foreign objects.
  • Replace sand often to keep it clean and free of debris.
  • Locate sandboxes away from prevailing winds, or create windbreaks by using bushes, trees, or fences.
  • Inspect sand for insects and animals that may have taken up residence overnight.
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