Laptop safety

Laptop and desk overhead view

Laptops are attractive targets for thieves.

Microsoft suggests these guidelines for protecting your laptop from theft.

  1. Carry your laptop in a padded briefcase or suitcase, not a computer bag.
  2. Never leave access numbers or passwords in your carrying case.
  3. Carry your laptop on the plane rather than checking it with your luggage. When traveling by car, lock your laptop in the trunk.
  4. Encrypt your data for another layer of protection.
  5. Watch your laptop as you go through airport security. Many bags look alike and yours can easily get lost.
  6. If you put your laptop on the floor, place it between your feet or against your leg so you’re aware it’s there.
  7. Use a laptop security cable to securely attach it to a heavy chair, table, or desk.
  8. Use a screen guard to prevent people from peeking over your shoulder as you work on sensitive information in a public place.
  9. If you leave your laptop in your hotel room, put the “do not disturb” sign on the door and leave the TV on.
Laptop and desk overhead view

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