Little fingers + big doors = trouble

Heavy wooden, metal, and glass doors can be hazardous to children. Markel has received a number of claims for youth who have severely fractured or amputated fingers in doors, usually occurring on the hinge side of the door.

The National Safety Council estimates there are 300,000 finger injuries each year, with 15,000 of those resulting in amputations. The overwhelming majority of these injuries happen to children under the age of 14.

Installing finger pinch and door hinge guards is a key means of preventing injuries at your facility. You can purchase these devices from and other manufacturers. Your local building supply store may also sell them. Other finger safety tips include:

  • Ensure door hinges are firmly installed.
  • Adjust automatic door closing mechanisms so doors close slowly, giving children time to remove their fingers.
  • Inspect the push bars on doors regularly, and replace or repair as needed.
  • Inspect wall mounted devices such as fire extinguishers, glass wall tiles, and exit signs to ensure they are securely attached. If these items fall, they can smash fingers and toes.
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