Work schedules conflicting with holidays and special events

Did you know that one of the things you do when you choose a career in medical transportation is plot out your work schedule to determine which holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries you wouldn’t spend with your loved ones? After that, you plot out your paydays so that you could cash flow special occasions, in addition to your regular expenses. Sure, you could trade some shifts or work some overtime. But the bottom line is most of us are in situations in which our organization is committed to providing our services every day, sometimes all day.

Multiple studies have shown that people in medical transportation have high levels of stress, are injured at work more frequently, and more seriously than the general workforce, and have a greater likelihood of dying at work, particularly in transportation related events. Let’s add the anticipatory stress of knowing that we’re going to be absent from our loved ones on an important day to the stressors that normally occur on a workday.

Often employers provide a meal, a special event, or even holiday pay or bonus to show their appreciation. Some hospitals and other facilities may even provide food and drinks. And then there are the patients or clients; illness, injury, death and other emergency situations do not take time off for the holidays.Obviously, if they need to call you, it’s not much of a holiday for them either.

With all of this playing around in your head it’s easy to lose track of the simple things needed to keep everybody safe. We must continue to pay attention to detail. Notice the crack in the pavement. Point it out to your partner. Look each other in the eyes and communicate as you’re loading and unloading the patient. Drive with excessive caution.

When you decided to work in medical transportation, you didn’t merely take a job. You became a member of a community. In this sense, community means common possession or participation.  What do you have in common? You have strength of character and a sense of duty that are much greater than would be associated with your compensation and status. You have chosen to participate with people during their time of need. No matter how dramatic or mundane, you are there.  You may miss holidays, but nobody exemplifies the true holiday spirit better than you.

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