Many facilities contract out pest inspections and pesticide applications to commercial firms. In most states, there are numerous certification categories a Pest Control Operator (PCO) can obtain. Check the LIPCA Insurance web site at to learn about the regulations and training requirements for PCOs in your state.

There are some important questions to ask before hiring a pest control firm:

  • Does the person who will apply the pesticides meet the certification requirements for your state?
  • Does the person carry adequate insurance?
  • Are there any guarantees in the contract for repairs in case of inadequate treatment?
  • Are there any medical or chemical exposure issues associated with the pesticides being used?
  • Exactly what does the inspection cover? In most states, termite treatments are sprayed around the base of buildings. In the southeastern U.S., this inspection and treatment might not pick up dry wood termites that could infest attic spaces.
  • Many states conduct inspections (including soil samples) on PCOs. You might request to see the most recent governmental agency site inspection report.
  • Poor quality inspections or improper or inadequate pesticide applications can cost your facility significantly and pose a serious health risk. Take the proper steps to take the sting out of this risk.
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