Planning for a fire

Fire extinguisher Two recent Markel claims show how damaging a fire can be. A fire started in a facility when the illuminated sign hanging in front of the building shorted out, resulting in over $60,000 in damages. Another fire occurred when a dance floor was being refinished, and sawdust from the sanding process was swept into plastic bags. Spontaneous combustion occurred in one bag, generating a fire that completely destroyed the dance floor.

You can take steps now to prepare for a fire:

  • Ask your local fire department if they offer a fire pre-incident plan. Under this plan, the fire department can inspect your studio and surroundings to identify the best way to extinguish a fire. The plan also highlights areas that need immediate response to better protect your business and save lives.
  • Duplicate your records and store them in a secured, offsite location. Technology offers many gadgets that allow you to download vital computer information and store it in a safe deposit box, for example. Consider storing paper files in a fireproof filing cabinet that has a fire rating of at least two hours.
  • Identify alternative business locations in advance so you can keep your studio open if you must relocate.
  • Have all students and parents participate in a quarterly fire drill. Make sure emergency exit signs are visible, evacuation routes are hazard free, and doorways are not blocked.
  • Invest in additional class ABC fire extinguishers and store them in accessible areas.
  • Maintain and post a No Smoking policy.
  • Don’t store clothing, gym bags, props, and costumes on or near heating sources.
  • Never hang anything from a sprinkler head. This may obstruct the effectiveness of the sprinkler in the event of a fire.
  • Regularly inspect your building for potential fire hazards and take corrective actions as necessary.

Fire extinguisher
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