Reusing child-safety seats after a minor accident

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently revised its advice to parents and caregivers, and now allows the reuse of child-safety seats after a minor crash if all of the following conditions apply:
  • Visual inspection of the child-safety seat, including inspection under any easily movable seat padding, does not reveal any cracks or deformation that might have been caused by the crash.
  • The vehicle in which the child-safety seat was installed could be driven from the scene of the crash.
  • The vehicle door nearest the child-safety seat was undamaged.
  • None of the vehicle’s occupants was injured.
  • Air bags (if any) did not deploy.
Your facility’s written policies should require a certified child-safety seat inspector to inspect any seat involved in a minor accident. Your fire or police department should have a certified inspector on staff. Also, familiarize yourself with seat manufacturer’s information regarding performance, operation, and installation of their product.

Never make exceptions. It can be a costly error. For more information on child safety seats, visit these web sites:
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:
  • Consumer Product Safety Commission:
  • The National Safe Kids Campaign:
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