Safety Focus

Vol. 12, Issue 1 - Spring 2019

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Ergonomic workstation safety

A safe and healthy work environment is a productive work environment. All employers, regardless of their size or the nature of their business, should strive to create an ergonomically sound workspace for all employees—it's just good for business.

Water sensors to mitigate property losses

Smart technology and Internet of Things (IoT) sensors are helping to mitigate water leaks and drive down the cost of water-related damages. Frozen pipes, sewer backups, broken water lines, and faulty plumbing are some of the main causes of water-related claims to properties. 

Emergency evacuations and exit routes

Businesses must know how to evacuate employees and other occupants from their building in case of an emergency. Evacuations are a crucial aspect of workplace safety, and efficient exiting can be the difference between life and death.






Safety video spotlight - office/clerical

Markel provides policyholders free access to hundreds of safety videos through a partnership with Training Network Now. You can find a number of items available on Office Safety. Here are some video options currently available:                                   

  • Office safety (SKU 3230)
  • Office injury prevention (SKU 2640)
  • Office safety: it’s not magic (SKU 2422)
  • Office injury prevention – concise (SKU 2641)
  • Back safety for office environments (SKU 3572)
  • Office ergonomics (SKU 3232)
  • Office ergonomics – you can learn a lot from a kid (SKU 3396)
  • Computer workstation safety (SKU 3231)

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