Safety Focus

Vol. 12 Issue 3 - Fall 2019

Check out the latest edition of Safety Focus, Markel Specialty's accident prevention newsletter. Learn more about hazards during restaurant work, protecting your business from common restaurant hazards and foodborne illnesses.

Common restaurant hazards

Restaurants can be wonderful places to work, but all workers should be aware that there are hazards. Restaurant work involves hazardous tools and is often conducted in close quarters under time pressure.

Foodborne illness prevention

People can get sick if germs, viruses, pesticides, or cleaning products get into food or drinks they consume. Learn more about some of the key safety steps to prevent foodborne illness to patrons and staff.

Fire protection systems in restaurants

Restaurant owners may find themselves overwhelmed by the volume of information available regarding fire protection systems for commercial cooking operations. This article provides an overview of common fire protection systems in restaurants with recommended maintenance schedules by isolating key information from NFPA 10 and 96.






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Safety video spotlight – restaurants

Markel provides policyholders free access to hundreds of safety videos through a partnership with Training Network Now. You can find a number of items available on restaurants. Here are some video options currently available:

  • Preventing slips and falls for restaurants
  • Injury prevention in restaurants and food service
  • Safety orientation for restaurants
  • Hazard communications for restaurants
  • Preventing burn injuries - restaurants and food service
  • Dishwashers - safe work practices
  • Bus persons, dishwashers and janitor safety - hospitality
  • Safe food handling
  • Kitchen safety
  • Commercial kitchen fire prevention

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