Safety Focus

Vol. 13 Issue 1 - Spring 2020

Check out the latest edition of Safety Focus, Markel Specialty's accident prevention newsletter. Learn more about personal protective equipment, fire extinguisher safety, and managing workplace noise hazards.

Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Personal protective clothing and equipment, commonly referred to as PPE, is critical to preventing injury and occupational illness.

Do your workers know the basics of fire extinguisher safety?

It's essential for employees to choose the right type of extinguisher for a fire. Otherwise, they could be spreading the fire instead of extinguishing it.

Managing workplace noise hazards

Workers in various industries are often exposed to high noise levels; the noise can be produced by machinery, equipment, or even other people. When levels increase, exposed workers can be at risk of experiencing hearing damage.

Importance of GFCI protection

GFCIs are sensitive devices that can wear out or become damaged easily. If the GFCI is not working properly, it is not providing protection and may allow electricity to flow.

OSHA's top 10 violations – fiscal year 2019

Each year, OSHA lists its top 10 most frequently cited standards for the prior fiscal year following inspections of worksites by federal OSHA.

Electrical extension cord safety

It is critical to personal safety to use and maintain extension cords properly. There are some basic safety rules to follow when working with electrical extension cords







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Safety video spotlight – electrical work

Markel provides policyholders free access to hundreds of safety videos through a partnership with Training Network Now. Here are some video options currently available:

  • Basic electrical safety – 10 min / SKU: 2966
  • Electrical safety – 17 min / SKU: 2731
  • Electrical safety for everyone – 20 min / SKU: 3179
  • Electrical safety for everyone – Concise – 11 min / SKU: 3180
  • Electrical safety awareness for non-electricians – 15 min / SKU: 1591
  • To the point about: preventing electrical shock – 12 min / SKU: 3422
  • Electrical safety illustrated – 17 min / SKU: 1353
  • Electrical safety – 17 min / SKU: 3626

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