Safety Focus - Driving and motor vehicle safety

Vol. 11 Issue 2 - Fall 2018

Safety Focus Check out the latest edition of Safety Focus, Markel Specialty's accident prevention newsletter. Learn more about driving and motor vehicle safety along with other current accident prevention information.

Rules of the road

Since motor vehicle accidents are the most common cause of death in the United States, you have a vested interest in making sure your workers understand the risks of highway driving.

The basics on restaurant fire safety

Restaurants—with their open flames, hot equipment, electrical connections, cooking oils, cleaning chemicals and paper products—have all the ingredients for a fire to flame out of control.

Developing disaster recovery plans for small businesses

According to the Institute for Business & Home Safety, approximately 25% of businesses never reopen following a major disaster. Developing a disaster recovery plan for your small business can help you to mitigate potential losses and prepare for manmade or natural disasters. 


Safety video spotlight – motor vehicle safety

Markel provides policyholders free access to hundreds of safety videos through a partnership with Training Network Now. One of the many topic options available is motor vehicle safety. Here are a few video options currently available:

  • Driving Safety (Non DOT) - Distracted Driving - At What Cost?
  • Driving Safety (Non DOT) - Distracted Driving: Real Accidents, Real Stories
  • Driving Safety (Non DOT) - Backing, Parking and Intersections - Commercial Vehicles  
  • Driving Safety (Non DOT) - Trucks, Vans and Other Delivery Vehicles
  • Driving Safety (Non DOT) - Texting and Driving – The Facts

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