Don’t let blogs penalize your facility

A blog is an online diary published on a web page. In addition to the author, just about anybody can update a blog. An organization may use a blog as a marketing tool, but bear in mind that comments posted on a blog can have both positive and negative consequences for your business and personal reputation.

If you are thinking about establishing a blog for your facility, there are many risk management and legal issues to consider. These include employment practice violations, slander, invasion of privacy, child abuse, and illegal use of photographs. Consult your attorney before you blog.

Claims—Covering the Business of Loss, recently published an article, “Managing Blog Risks Isn’t Blah,” which provides these tips for managing your blog:

  • Monitor comments posted on your facility’s blog to filter out spam, libelous material, and porn.
  • Get prior legal review of any facility-sponsored blog content.
  • Hire an expert to outline the specific blog risks your facility can face.
  • Include a section on blogging in your employee handbook that states your facility’s policy. Require each employee to sign for having received, read, and agreed to the policy.
  • Review your insurance policies to see if you are covered for advertising and personal injury liability. Pay particular attention to any policy exclusions, including any claims from web sites or electronic media.

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