Markel Omaha staff helps Food Bank once again

Markel associates in Omaha recently participated in an off-site volunteer event at the Food Bank for the Heartland on Friday May 19th. They prepared back-packs of healthy foods for children to take home on Friday afternoons. The volunteers completed 133 boxes with 1064 bags packed, at an average of 33.8 bags/person/hr.  It was not quite the peak level of production of Markel associates which is record 47/bags/person/hr, however, it was solid effort regardless. Of all organizations that participate in the preparing back backs for children at the Food Bank for the Heartland, the Markel team holds the 2nd spot behind the Airforce team that averaged 48/bags/person/hr. This is always a fun volunteer event that many associates enjoy participating in. 

In addition to the event at the Food Bank, Omaha employees were given the opportunity to donate canned/boxed food items as well. The total donated for the week was 245 pounds of food. 

The Food Bank BackPack Program was started in 2006 and has grown each year. This year the program will distribute 8400+ backpacks to Nebraska and Iowa children to take home on Friday afternoons. Each pack contains two cereal pouches, two entrees, two shelf stable milks, one juice and one fruit cup. Markel associates volunteer for this program on a regular basis.

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