MSC expands EssentialBOP into three new states

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Markel Specialty Commercial is excited to announce the expansion of the businessowners policy (EssentialBOP) product into 3 new states; Alaska, Massachusetts and Texas. The expansion brings the total number of states where EssentialBOP is available from 41 to 44.  Effective immediately, key enhancements include:

  • Customizable insurance solutions depending on risk
  • Expanded appetite for more contractor classes
  • Pricing flexibility and payment options (Installment fees apply and vary by state and product)
  • 10% multi-policy discount; applied to the EssentialBOP policy when workers compensation policy is bound (Policies must have a common FEIN and discount not applicable to equipment breakdown protection coverage.)
  • Single-billing for EssentialBOP and workers compensation

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Row of store fronts
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