Omaha Skyline Gets A New Brand

The Omaha, Nebraska skyline is decorated with a new logo. Markel has installed its corporate emblem on the north tower of Central Park Plaza, home to more than 200 employees of its specialty insurance division.

Markel has operated in Omaha since 2010, following the acquisition of FirstComp, a leading workers compensation and business owner insurer focused on small businesses. During the first phase of the acquisition, the workers compensation division continued to operate under the FirstComp brand. In 2012 the name was transitioned to Markel FirstComp. Markel FirstComp is part of Markel's Specialty Division. 

FirstComp was founded in Omaha in 1997 and was a pioneer in the digital automation of selling and underwriting insurance. Its proprietary platforms are highly favored by insurance sales people for ease of use and rapid processing, which has enabled the company to build a network of over 8,500 agents and brokers nationwide. Additionally, the technology has enabled unique analytics capabilities to assist in identifying and writing profitable business and avoiding bad risks.

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