Up to 10% discount on Comp/BOP bundle

If you bundle EssentialBOP (business owner policy) with a Markel FirstComp workers compensation policy you may receive up to a 10% discount! The discount is available when you bind any new or renewal workers compensation and EssentialBOP policies containing the same FEIN.

Up to a 10% discount is applied to the business owners policy only and minimum premium limits apply.

Why choose EssentialBOP?

Customized coverage: Choose from three levels of coverage depending on the risks being covered.
Designed for small businesses: $500 minimum premium with flexible payment options.
Adaptable: BOP and Work Comp policies can have different effective dates
Ease of doing business: Single bill for all products

Here are some businesses that are a great fit for our Essential BOP:

  • Offices
  • Processing and Services
  • Medical offices
  • Mercantile
  • Convenience food stores and grocery
  • Eateries
  • Wholesale/Distribution

Currently available in 12 states: NH, VT, PA, NC, TN, MI, AR, IA, NE, UT, CA, HI 

For more information visit our webpage on flexible BOP coverage for all your business needs.

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