Affordable wedding decorations

Bride holding fall wedding bouquet

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! You likely have so much to do for your big day, including selecting decorations. We’re here to give you some ideas on how you can decorate without breaking the bank.

10 wedding decoration ideas

  1. Tissue paper craft pom poms

    These hanging decorations dress up any room and will not break the bank. If you have the time and want to save more money, you can try your hand at making them yourself. Check out Pinterest for lots of cute, and easy to make ideas.

  2. Faux flowers

    Save on your centerpieces by forgoing real flower for faux flowers. They are just as beautiful and often look real. Plus, they will be a memorable keepsake for you in the years to come!

  3. Photo booth paper props

    Making your own photobooth area? Instead of paying for real props, consider making or buying pre-made paper props. The pictures will still be amazing and a ton of fun!

  4. Tulle

    Tulle is an appealing and affordable touch for church pews, chairs and tables. Often times, the tulle that is used at the wedding ceremony, can be taken from the church and used at the reception as well. It's a simple, affordable, and tasteful way to tie in your color scheme.

  5. Mason jars

    Skip the fancy vases and use mason jars with flowers inside for your centerpieces. Simple, yet elegant.

  6. Balloons

    Balloons can be an inexpensive way to add the perfect flair to your reception. Start your search at your local dollar store where they typically carry a variety of colors. Plus, often times, your local dollar store will take advance balloon orders that can be picked up the day of your wedding at an affordable price!

  7. Table confetti

    Table confetti comes in all different shapes, styles and sizes and adds a little pizzazz to your reception. Whether you choose wooden, rose petals, gems or paper – your tables will be gorgeous.Plus, this is an easy idea to do yourself.At your local craft store, buy your preferred paper, paper cut punches that now come in a variety of shapes, and start cutting!

  8. Tea lights

    The soft glow of candles transforms a room into one of mystique.

  9. Ribbon

    Easily incorporate ribbon into your reception to liven up tables, chairs, centerpieces, the photo booth backdrop and bouquets. It's inexpensive and comes in all different widths and patterns.

  10. Paper lanterns

    Hanging lights are sure to wow your guests and create a festive, romantic atmosphere without overspending.

We hope these ideas inspire you to select the perfect wedding decorations for your wedding.

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Bride holding fall wedding bouquet
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