Beach wedding ideas

Wedding on beach by ocen

15 beach wedding ideas

  1. Feet adornment.

    Sink your toes into the sand as you go barefoot at the beach. Barefoot doesn't always have to mean completely bare. The bride and bridesmaids can bedazzle their feet with barefoot sandals or beautiful anklets – simple yet sophisticated.

  2. Seashell bouquets.

    Handmade seashell bouquets combined with silk flowers and ribbon can add an elegant touch to your wedding and can be enjoyed as an heirloom for years to come.

  3. Leis.

    Exchanging leis is a sign of honor, respect and love and perfect for a beach wedding regardless if you are getting married in Hawaii or on a sunny Caribbean beach. Whether made of fresh or silk flowers or of seashells, leis are a wonderful guest gift or given solely to the wedding party.

  4. Parasols.

    Parasols make for pretty pictures and keep your wedding party and guests shaded. They come in all different colors and styles

  5. Floral bridesmaid dresses and Hawaiian shirts.

    A beach wedding calls for lighter attire to keep you cool and airy. To go with the beach theme, think floral dresses and Hawaiian shirts that complement each other. Flowers in your hair can be beautiful as well. You can surely be more creative for a beach wedding!

  6. Bucket of flip flops.

    Going barefoot is optional, but for scorching hot sand, your guests will thank you for providing flip flops.  (Tip: your local dollar store may even have an ample supply of flip flops in one of your wedding colors. Even though they are only a $1, they are super comfy!)

  7. Arrive and leave in a boat.

    Make a grand entrance or exit by arriving or leaving in a boat. Why? Because it's your beach wedding, and it’s something you and your guests will always remember.

  8. Sand pails for kids.

    Children love sand, especially when they have the toys to create a magnificent sand castle. Keep them busy and entertained with sand pail playsets near the reception area so their parents can keep an eye on them. Challenge them to be creative!

  9. Ceremony facing the water.

    it won't be often that you and your closest friends and family will be on your own private beach. Take advantage Facing the ceremony chairs toward the water and exchanging your vows under a flower arbor directly in front of the water makes for a breathtaking back drop.

  10. Starfish decor.

    Incorporate starfish into your décor. Hang them from the aisle chairs at the ceremony, include them in your bouquets and centerpieces, adorn your cake with them, the list goes on.

  11. Names in the sand.

    Draw your names in a heart in the sand for a truly memorable photo opportunity.

  12. Lighthouse centerpieces.

    Lighthouses add a nautical touch to your beach wedding. Lighthouse centerpieces with candles or tea lights will set off a soft glow for a romantic evening.

  13. Nautical rope.

    There a ton of great uses for nautical rope as you tie the knot at the beach! Use it to hold together your bouquets, around your centerpieces, hanging from the aisle chairs, to hold your place cards, in photo frame party favors, around the champagne flute stems – these are just a few ideas. You can even have a fun game of tug a war on the beach!

  14. Beach towel party favors.

    Beach towels are a great and useful gift for your guests. Tie them with rope and color coordinate with your wedding theme.

  15. Tropical flowers.

    Add a burst of color to your white wedding with a mix of vibrant tropical sunrise flowers. Incorporate them into your ceremony décor and your centerpieces.

We hope these ideas inspire you as you plan your romantic beach wedding.

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Wedding on beach by ocen