How to be a successful event planner

Successful event planner

Event planning can be overwhelming. That is why people hire an expert like you to provide the skills necessary to plan the perfect event. What are the skills that a successful event planner has? Here are some of the most important traits every event planner should possess.

10 essential event-planning skills

  1. Flexibility

    The event planning process does not always run smoothly. Changes can and will present themselves at the most opportune times. A great event planner will be flexible to roll with the changes and be clear-headed enough to find creative solutions, even under pressure.

  2. Passion

    When you are passionate about something it shines through in everything you do. Show enthusiasm! Often times, the events you are planning are momentous occasions in a person’s life, but can also be stressful. Recognize this and help make the overall experience as joyful and positive as possible. With this attitude, you will help the person remember the event for a lifetime.

  3. Listening

    By nature, you have a ton of ideas and most likely you want to convey them right away. However, it’s important to listen to what your client really wants. This will help you understand their vision and provide the guidance they are looking for, so that their ideas come to life.

  4. Organization

    You know this! The best event planners keep notes on everything about the event and their client. They have binders with tabs to organize the content. They have to-do lists, sticky notes, highlighters, schedules and spreadsheets. Keeping it all straight leads to a successful event. Time management goes along with organization. A well-planned event allows for all the moving parts to happen on time.

  5. Negotiation

    Understanding contracts, pricing and vendors will help you get the best deals for your clients. By asking the right questions, you can find out what particular vendors are willing to negotiate and compromise on.

  6. Communication

    It is imperative you have great communication skills to keep vendors, event attendees and clients aware of the schedule, expectations and all the details they need to do their part in making the event run as smoothly as possible.

  7. Detail oriented

    Everyone you work with on the event will need certain details to complete their tasks. This means you have to document and effectively communicate all the details in order to pull off the event.

  8. Calm under pressure

    When things don’t go as planned, it’s best to handle it with grace. You may feel like you want to blow a gasket, but remaining calm can help you think clearly and communicate your needs effectively without upsetting others in the process.

  9. Delegation

    You can’t do everything. It’s important to be realistic on what you are able to complete. Once you have prioritized your time and duties, make a plan to tap into other resources you can delegate important tasks to. If need be, hire an assistant to help.

  10. Interpersonal

    You need to be able to work with people at all levels, from executives to wait staff and everyone in between. Being able to tactfully speak up and also delegate tasks with a pleasant demeanor will make your life easier.

We hope you exhibit these skills to attract more clients to your business. After you gain your clients, make sure they are protected with event insurance.

Successful event planner

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