How to leverage videos in your social media and marketing strategy

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Videos grab attention and can get your venue noticed. Incorporating video into your marketing strategy across all social media platforms can serve your business well. Here are some ideas on how to use video and the best platforms to post them to promote your venue.

5 types of videos to create

  1. Virtual tours

    A virtual tour is the perfect way to showcase all that your venue has to offer. A virtual tour gives your potential clients a sense of the space and how they can use it for their event. This is also a convenient way for out-of-town event planners to view your venue. Be sure the tour includes the outside as well as the inside to provide the full scope of your amenities. Two of the best platforms for a comprehensive tour is to post on your website and YouTube. You can also link to this video on your other social media platforms.

  2. Customer testimonials

    Videos featuring your customers telling viewers why they chose your venue and how satisfied they were with your services, sprinkled with photos and video clips from their event with voiceover, can give the viewer a better idea of what to expect from your venue. Adding a human face to your business creates a connection with your audience. These testimonials can be placed on your website and YouTube. For short testimonials, consider posting directly on Instagram (60 seconds), Twitter (30 seconds), and Facebook (two minutes max is the sweet spot).

  3. Live stream events

    Live streaming events creates excitement and interest and connects you to a larger audience. This allows viewers an opportunity to see your venue in action and how it is being utilized. Four great social media platforms for short, live streaming videos are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Plus, when you go live on these platforms, your video post will get priority so there is a greater chance of getting in front of your target audience.

  4. Behind the scenes

    Filming videos on what's going on behind the scenes during an event or leading up to an event gives your potential clients a feeling of being a part of the process and gives them a glimpse of what it may be like to hold an event at your venue. Longer videos of this type are best suited for your website, Facebook, and YouTube. If you are speeding up the video content, Snapshot, Twitter, and Instagram stories are excellent platforms.

  5. Brand video

    This type of video highlights what’s unique about your venue, services, and staff. Use this video to answer questions your target market might have about your business and services. Include appealing visuals (photos and video clips) that will catch their eye and capture their attention. Add subtitles for messages you want to stand out. Facebook videos are often played without sound. Post this video on your website, YouTube, share on Facebook, and drive traffic to it through a link on Twitter.

We hope these video tips help you attract more clients to your venue. After you gain your clients, make sure they are protected with event insurance.

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By offering event insurance, it will not only protect your clients, but it can also protect you by potentially decreasing your own business liability risk for accidents due to negligence of the event host or honoree. Markel Specialty's event insurance is an easy and affordable solution for your clients – a free event insurance quote takes only a few minutes online or on the phone – that will help protect your clients (and you).

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