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In today’s world, the first place brides and grooms typically turn to begin researching wedding ideas is on Google. Did you know 95% of all web users never make it to the second page of results after doing a Google search? So how do you make sure your website shows up on the first page of Google's search results? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process that helps you rank higher on results returned by a search engine, such as Yahoo or Google. We've put together some SEO tips on how brides and grooms can find you more easily.

7 SEO tips for your venue's website

  1. Keywords

    It's important to use searchable terms (keywords) on your website that brides and grooms are using when they use a search engines. A good place to start to help you identify keywords is the free tool Google provides -Google AdWords Keyword Planner. This tool helps you find keywords that people search on by showing you popular search terms related to your business along with an estimate of how many people search for that particular term each month. Try to incorporate all of the terms you feel are relevant to your business in the copy of your website. This will help you appear higher up on searches.

  2. Name your images and create Alt Tags

    Use descriptive file names and Alt Tags for your photos on your website. For example, do not leave your photo named M567RGS.jpg instead name it bride-at-yourvenuesname.jpg. Similarly, you should describe the photo using Alt Tags, which should be no more than 125 characters. An example is, “Beautiful bride enjoys her first dance at (your venue.)”

  3. Use Meta Tags

    Meta Tags (meta titles and meta descriptions) are codes that tell search engines what your web page is about. A meta title tag is the most influential signal about the page topic and keyword relevancy. It is important that you work your preferred keyword into your meta title. To be found, your Meta Tag should be written descriptively. It is recommended that your description be no longer than 150 characters, and you always use capitalization and proper title case. Never use the same Meta Tag for different pages on your website. An example meta title tag for your dinner menu page could read, “Dinner Menu | Venue Name while your meta description tag could read “Customizable dinner menu options for your wedding day Venue Name.”

  4. Infographics

    There is a ton of information brides and grooms can read and sift through on the Internet. To stand out, it's nice to use relevant infographics to help break down information into digestible pieces for brides. Visuals are easy to share through social media or email – allowing you to expand your reach. Think about what topics can be designed, such as wedding menu options and wedding tips by season.

  5. Get your website link on other wedding websites

    The more links you have back to your website from topically relevant websites, the better. Partner with relevant wedding bloggers and wedding vendors in and around your area. Create your own preferred wedding vendor list on your website and link to vendors you trust. In return, ask these vendors/bloggers to create a similar list on their websites that links back to your website. Note, it is best if your link does not appear in the footer of the webpage linking back to you, and it is one of only a few links (not one of hundreds).

  6. Review websites

    Not only are customer testimonials (or reviews) a great tool for learning about your customer's experience dealing with your business, it is also a great way to get reputable websites to link back to your webpage. A few of the more popular review websites are The Knot, WeddingWire, Yelp, Google My Business, Yahoo Local, Bing Places, Yellow Pages and Trip Advisor. Encourage past clients to go to these websites and write a review.

  7. Resource center

    Create an area on your website that houses all of the wedding articles/tips, infographics, blogs, checklists, FAQs, and other information you created to help brides in their wedding planning process. Having wedding-related content that brides and grooms are searching for will help place you higher on search engine results. Also, always link back to your website from these resource pages, so that if someone reaches the landing page without going through your website, they can easily navigate to your website.

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