Documentation can lead to gold medal success

In the event your club is faced with an accident that results in a claim being filed against your insurance, how well you document events is critical in helping a claims manager address liability issues.

In Herb Appenzeller’s book, Risk Management in Sport – Issues and Strategies, Second Edition, the following several key points address the sports facility risk management documentation process:

  • Keeping good records is essential – in court, it helps demonstrate safety inspections were done or what preventive maintenance was performed
  • Be diligent and thorough in regards to documentation related to an incident
  • Know the statute of limitation, or the length of time an injured individual has in which to initiate a law suit in your jurisdiction. Maintain all records at least until it expires.Especially in the case of an injury to a minor, the time can be much longer.
  • Develop a good system for organizing and cataloging all records associated with an incident, even if it occurred several years ago.


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