Gymnastics risk management news - Vol 1., 2018

With the right safety program, you can keep minor upsets from turning into major mishaps. Markel is committed to providing the tools you need to help put Safety 1st at your school. This newsletter is designed to help you avoid accidents and potential claims--while controlling costs at the same time.

Topics in this issue include:

  • Supervision means safety
  • Equipment checks - best practices
  • Documentation and addressing liability issues
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Supervision means safety

As outlined by Successful Coaching, Third Edition, there are nine legal duties a coach is responsible for performing:  

Check your equipment

It is good practice to check all safety equipment before and after each use to ensure that it’s in proper working condition.

Documentation can lead to gold medal success

In the event your club is faced with an accident that results in a claim being filed against your insurance, how well you document events is critical in helping a claims manager address liability issues.

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