Tips for a safe winter season

You can prevent accidents at your facility by following these tips:
  • Clean up snow immediately after a snowfall, and apply sufficient ice melt to prevent areas from refreezing. Pay particular attention to water run-off areas. Watch for black ice in parking lots.
  • If you use independent contractors for snow removal, make sure they are dependable and thorough. Ask that you be first on their list and make sure they remove snow from walkways, steps, and drop-off areas.
  • Make sure contractors have a certificate of insurance covering them for snow removal.
  • Immediately after any snow, post Watch Your Step and Walkways and Parking Lots May Be Slippery signs in parking areas and sidewalks. Or, have a greeter meet visitors outside to warn them of slippery conditions.
  • If you provide child care services, it is recommended that you send a note home with children a day before snow is expected to warn parents of potential slippery conditions. Let them know you will make every effort to remove snow and ice, but they need to be cautious as well.
  • A review of our Social Services program claim history shows that slip-and-fall, along with trip-and-fall accidents, continue to be some of the main causes of liability claims we receive. The decisions you make in helping to manage slip, trip, and fall incidents have an impact on the ultimate cost of these claims. It is important to remain vigilant and focused to prevent these accidents from occurring at your facility.
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